Beijing 2008… Manila 2020?

olympics countdown

This is the closest I have ever been to the Olympics. No, I don’t have a ticket for the opening ceremonies in Beijing or any other sporting event for that matter. Like many folks in the Philippines, I will also be monitoring the action at home through the boob tube. Only difference is; my TV screen is closer to the sites of the XXIX Olympiad. I am currently in the Hong Kong SAR, host of the equestrian events. For now, that will do for me.

Months before the official opening of the games, the Olympic committee in Hong Kong made it a point to educate the public about equestrian sports. Thus, I have been able to add three more words to my Olympic vocabulary: eventing, jumping and dressage. These comprise the equestrian events, which is, by the way, the only Olympic sport wherein man and animal compete together. That’s cool isn’t it? I think there should be more games like this to showcase the connection we have with our animal friends. Sabong (cock fighting) perhaps? Or saputan ng gagamba (spider fighting)?

Kidding aside, I was surprised to find out that Manila is trying to bid for the hosting of the Summer Olympics in year 2020 or 2024. Can you believe that? You think I am still joking? Click here for the link. Also try Wikipedia. If the country will be successful in its bid, a high-tech sports complex will be built in Pasay City. Could this really be possible? Having lived in Hong Kong for more than a year now, I have observed how China encountered heap upon heap of difficulties in meeting the standards of the International Olympic Committee. Just thinking of the financial and logistical challenges the Philippines might face given our current political and economic status makes me giddy! But hey, 2020 or 2024 is still far away. Who knows what could happen. A miracle perhaps?… But shouldn’t we win a few gold medals first before dreaming to host the Olympics?

As a cash cow (Read “On Milking The Cash Cow”), I say, if winning this bid and hosting the Olympics will be beneficial to the country in the long run; if winning this bid and hosting the Olympics will create jobs and initiate a turnaround in the mass departure of Filipinos; if winning this bid and hosting the Olympics will cure the corrupt Filipino mentality that is responsible for our rot; then by all means let us support Manila 2020 or Manila 2024!


2 Responses to “Beijing 2008… Manila 2020?”

  1. 1 aga Lunes 11 Agosto 2008 bandang 7:01 hapon

    hey is that a joke?
    asust 🙂
    Joe: Parang ganun nga ang dating pero mukhang may gusto mag-seryoso e. 😉

  2. 2 nold Lunes 25 Agosto 2008 bandang 9:06 umaga

    Speaking of this olympics, our olympic story has been a tragic representation of our government failure to improve so far. We have not won a single medal since Onyok, if my memory serves me right. I saw a commentary from Quinito Henson philstar column blaming the athletes, which is a mistake. Our sport development program is on the wrong direction, like all the other program of our corrupt government – ito ang dapat sisihin at ayusin. If an impoverished island nation of around 2 million people like Jamaica can win golds in the Olympics why can’t we? if China can win gold in boxing, the next question is what happen to our boxing program? if Afghanistan won a medal in taekwondo, I’m scratching my head here asking, are we not suppose to be strong in this area? If our leaders is incapable of running an effective sports program how are we to expect that they can handle economic policies and strategies which is more important than sports? we can all say, our atheletes did their best – BUT did the government did their part? the answer is of course obvious.
    Joe: Hi Nold! I absolutely agree. Thanks for the visit. I have a new post about this topic. Hope to hear from you again

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...sapagkat ang gobyerno natin ay may "cash cow mentality" pagdating sa mga Overseas Filipino Workers.

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