Abolish the House

I strongly agree with Mr. Pompeyo A. Pedroche’s letter to Inquirer (please read on below).

Abolish the House of Representatives!!! The house where TRAPOS are bred and trained. The house of junkets and grandstanding. There is a need to simplify and create a lean but credible lawmaking institution. Our country needs more executives than legislators. We have plenty of good laws but we are very poor in implementation. Abolish the House of Representatives!!!


Real need is to abolish the House

Philippine Daily Inquirer

The five bishops’ call for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to step down is old stuff. It’s an irresponsible, emotional, simplistic, armchair method of finding fault, not finding a solution. How many presidents have we already kicked in the butt? How many more leaders, from the military’s Fidel Ramos to the mother Cory Aquino to the folk hero Joseph Estrada-leaders who promised to stop graft and corruption but failed to deliver. Now, we want Gloria in Excelsis Deo?

All right, so we get rid of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo now. What next, bishops? Checkmate and King Corruption is dead? No, your reverends, but only political chaos and an ensuing stampede for power. Should the present economic crisis lead to widespread civil disobedience and then to street anarchy, the five bishops are only to blame for the bloody mess.

However, if the good bishops sincerely want radical change, if they really want to uproot corruption, why are they barking up a single leader? They should bark up the more than 200 members of the House of Representatives. The clergymen can capture the people’s imagination if they toll the bells for a referendum on the abolition of the House, the breeding place of every graft and corruption imaginable: from selfish lobbyists to vested interests; from secret deals to no deals unless…; from abuse to misuse of power; from pork to perks. By taking out more than 200 white fat-bellied elephants, our fledgling country will save millions that can otherwise build needed schools, hospitals, roads and affordable homes for the poor.

One governor for every province, one mayor for each town and city and one chairman for every village are more than enough caregivers to oversee and address these units’ respective problems. These officials are more accessible and therefore more transparently accountable, compared to congressmen who live it up in swanky metro villages while their constituents languish in the remotest ends and regions of our nation. No need for Rep. Manhik Manaog who has outlived his usefulness. Lawmaking goes to the Senate of 24 (or more members if need be). Congressmen who think they are worth their salt may run for the Senate. The bottom line is: Even without more than 230 overpaid congressmen, our government can still operate politically, economically and above all, democratically.

POMPEYO S. PEDROCHE, 294 Lake Ave., Colonia, New Jersey, USA 07067


5 Responses to “Abolish the House”

  1. 1 p.l.s. Biyernes 21 Nobyembre 2008 bandang 5:49 umaga

    Mr. Pedroche has a point. What has the lower house done for us lately? The senate may have an eclectic collection of personalities, but they still get some work done. Unlike in the lower house, where members have to be paid to attend sessions. And to think that during the deliberations for the 1987 Constitution, bicameralism won over unicameralism by only 1 vote. We would have been stuck with an inept house of representatives with no oversight of the Senate!
    Joe: Last time I was in the Philippines, I saw this House in action. They were squabbling about the speakership. De Venecia was replaced by Nograles in a vote that has nothing to do with the multitude of problems our country is facing. How do these people get away with such self-serving acts??? What a waste of taxpayer money!!!

  2. 2 Dicey Biyernes 21 Nobyembre 2008 bandang 5:42 hapon

    Hi Joe,
    Sorry it took me so long, but I’ve finally blogrolled you. See you in the blogosphere!
    Joe: Hey Dicey, thanks thanks!

  3. 3 edsel angeles Sabado 6 Disyembre 2008 bandang 4:03 hapon

    Our house of representative is no longer functioning as lawmaker..But merely a congress of no moral leadership to create laws. It has been proven that so many times it has always voted on certain issues that affect national matters but rather voted on partymate membership

    Now is the time to abolish House of representative ..
    Joe: Now is the time indeed. Thanks for the visit Edsel!

  4. 4 nold Martes 16 Disyembre 2008 bandang 4:16 umaga

    The house of representative is in reality representing nobody but themselves, have you ever had a talk with your congressman? have ever sent a letter and got a response from his office?

    They have been around for so long but really never improve the life of the Filipino. Yes, they could put up a project here and there with their pork barrel but is it not the job of th local mayors?

    The problem in our country is that we have an ever increasing number of politicians. We could run out of rice but not politicians, no. so, Let’s split some more towns and provinces so we could add more congressional seats shall we?

    This cotongress is a simple case of too many chefs spoiling the broth.

    I agree with all of you, its time to bring this empty house down!
    Joe: Have you heard of the Quezon Province split? Dagdag congressman na naman siguro yan kung sakali. Parang napakaraming pera ng pamahalaan ano?

  5. 5 nold Huwebes 18 Disyembre 2008 bandang 2:30 umaga

    I’m reminded of Nick Joaquin’s “heritage of smallness’ pagnakakita ng mga ganyan, we keep on splitting like some algaes. It baffles me why this politicians keeps on dividing cities, towns and provinces, ano ito, divide and conquer? – as if an additional congressional seat would make any difference, their claim that this division would provide better representation is a stupid argument – you have US states, say, California a state bigger than the entire Phil archipelago but you dont hear Politicos complain that its too big to administer, and that its better to divide it. I’m telling you man, were lucky that our nation has plenty of natural resources because if we were not blessed we would end up like those African countries.
    Joe: Now that’s a thought! We are lucky in that sense indeed.

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