2008 SWS survey on corruption

Define “irony”… Irony is when the Presidential Anti-Graft Commission and the Philippine Commission on Good Government score -23 and -32, respectively, in the 2008 Survey on Corruption conducted by the Social Weather Stations. Imagine that. NEGATIVE!!! I thought these commissions were created to combat graft and corruption. How come they are perceived inutile? Should we continue wasting taxpayer money on these commissions then?

Government agencies were evaluated in terms of sincerity in fighting corruption. See tabulation below for the rest of the survey results.



Social Security System


Department of Trade and Industry


Supreme Court


City/Municipal government


Department of Health


Commission on Audit


Department of Finance


Department of Education


Armed Forces of the Philippines




Office of the Ombudsman


Trial Courts




Department of Budget and Management


Government Service Insurance System


Department of Agriculture


Department of Justice


Philippine National Police


Department of Interior and Local Government


Presidential Anti-Graft Commission


Department of Environment and Natural Resources


Commission on Election


Department of Transportation and Communication


Office of the President


Land Transportation Office


Philippine Commission on Good Government


House of Representatives


Bureau of Internal Revenue


Department of Public Works and Highways


Bureau of Customs


It is not surprising to see the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of Public Works and Highways and Bureau of Customs as the bottom three. These are the traditional bastions of corruption in the country. Look at their ultra-super-mega-low-negative scores. What a shame!

Find out more about the survey through the following links:


1 Response to “2008 SWS survey on corruption”

  1. 1 nold Lunes 24 Nobyembre 2008 bandang 2:39 umaga

    You know, you must be reading my mind. I was watching ‘Wish ko lang’ and began to think how this so called leaders of ours could sleep at night when some 83 year old blind man in Bicol delivers buckets of water so he can feed his disabled wife and three children, all deaf. Of course some would say that, poverty in the Philippines is no different from poverty experienced in other parts of the world, its this attitude towards the flight of our poor kababayan’s that keeps us where we are as a nation, ‘wala na malasakit’. Billions of our money is being stolen by this heartless people, money that could have made a difference in the lives of our people.

    STEALING IN GOVERNMENT (any amount) SHOULD BE PUNISHABLE BY DEATH, this law would make sense but I’m sure no one would dare lobby this. No one is held accountable, ok lang magnakaw people do it all the time attitude meron tayo sa pinas.
    Joe: Hi Nold! Kumusta? Maybe death is too harsh. I would go for reclusion perpetua but there should be no exceptions; no VIPs; no presidential pardons. Look at where Erap is now. This guy is talking about running for the presidency again in 2010 when he should have been in prison. Niloloko na lang nila tayo eh. Ang hirap maging Filipino kapag ganitong mga uring tao ang nasa puwesto.

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