My top 4 all-time favorite Filipino government officials as of today

I am so happy because we have leaders like Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Noli De Castro, Prospero Nograles and Marianito Roque. Monuments should be erected and songs should be written in their honor. Streets, avenues and highways should be named after them. They should be praised for their contributions to Philippine politics, culture and society.

Leader No. 1. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

The photo-op President. I am sure those retrenched workers from Taiwan who wanted an audience with her but got “a bagful of brochures” instead would be delighted to hear that she found 37,000 job vacancies in Qatar recently. That is really something Mrs. President. Hurrah! Just when we thought the country would be swamped with thousands of returning OFWs because of the global economic crisis, you found another foreign land that would gladly absorb them. You are really getting good at this Filipino brain and talent exporting business thingy, Madame. That is just what the country needs right now. The more Filipinos sent abroad, the better for the economy! I think, if Oxford would ever consider adding a definition for the acronym “OFW” in future editions of its dictionary, it should state that “OFW” is slang for “a THING or COMMODITY akin to electronic chips, computer parts or even dried mangoes, which can be exported, used and abused by the government as leverage for economic growth.”

Leader No. 2. Noli De Castro

The “Kabayan” Vice President—during the inauguration of a BPO facility in Pasay City—is so proud that “the Philippines has enough supply of educated English-speaking labor force”. Right on! That is also a must for a country that has a multitude of dialects. Forget the Filipino language, we don’t need that anymore. We need more English-speaking youths and more call centers. That is the enlightened path the Philippines should take in the 21st century. We should promote the country as a BPO haven so that it will be forever chained to the economies of the English-speaking world. Forget heavy industries and high local content manufacturing. BPO is the way to go!

Leader No. 3. Prospero Nograles

The Speaker. I almost broke my neck the other day nodding in agreement with Noggy’s proposal to remove the existing limitations on foreign ownership of land. This should have been proposed a long time ago. Come to think of it, why did we ever remove the rights of Spain or the United States to own vast tracts of lands in the Philippines? They should have been invited to stay to cultivate and develop the land for us. Bad Filipinos! Look at what you’ve done! Now, we have to lure back some foreigners again because we are hopeless without them.

Along with Noggy’s, the collective mindset of Leaders 1 and 2 is highly sound and ultra-clear. Actually, there is a mathematical formula for it. Here,

MORE Filipinos working abroad +
MORE English-speaking Filipinos +
MORE foreigners possessing Filipino land =

Very simple. That is not too difficult to comprehend isn’t it? Cool then! Now, let’s continue extolling Noggy’s virtues. On the issue of Charter change, he was quoted to say that, “Only members of Congress can vote on these measures and they may possibly be influenced by the public outcry. But the demonstrations on the streets and its leaders cannot vote for or against Cha-cha [Charter change]. It’s the vote of congressmen and senators that will count. Not the streets.”

Well said, Mr. Honorable Speaker! You are truly the SPEAKER of the people. Crush the puny minority! Majority wins! Authority rocks! The House of Representatives should not be bothered by anyone. Most especially, it should not care about the people who it should be “representing” in the first place.

Leader No. 4. Marianito Roque

The DOLE Head. He is my favorite Secretary in the executive branch because this guy thinks fast and has valuable foresight. Imagine, he was able to identify the Middle East as shock absorber for OFWs facing possible retrenchment. Not only that, he has also found Canada and Australia as promising OFW destinations despite the global financial crunch. He recently announced that Canada has issued 8,000 visas to Filipinos! Wow! I couldn’t count all of that using my fingers and toes! Well, need I say more about the brilliant secretary? He is a true marvel. I would be eternally indebted to Sec. Roque, if I were among the 8,000 selected to go to Canada. These Filipinos are so darn lucky because finally, they would be earning Canadian Dollars. More importantly, they would have better chances of acquiring Canadian citizenship, which would allow them to leave our sick and yucky country for good. Probably, take a relative or two with them at that. Why not? It is also a good way for the government to ease population stress in the country. Not to mention, these future ex-Filipinos would still probably remit money to the country anyway. That’s a win-win-win scenario isn’t it?




7 Responses to “My top 4 all-time favorite Filipino government officials as of today”

  1. 1 Katie Rhoda Huwebes 18 Disyembre 2008 bandang 7:55 umaga

    A band-aid covering an open cancerous sore, Joe. See, what I have in mind here is the picture of a mobocracy Plato presented in the Republic – a beast we need to please. So the cycle is people don’t understand the situation – they think it’s just a little booboo, not a deeper cancer – AND politicians are thinking of their popularity for the next elections. Generally speaking of course. But on the lighter side, people leaving the Philippines can be a good thing – less population. On the other hand, it can’t be good if the stupid people are left behind.
    Joe: I’ve been pestering my wife with that idea too. That maybe, the Philippines remain poor because we have already exported our best brains and best potential “good” leaders to other countries. Kumbaga sa kape ay latak na lang ang mga pinuno na natira dyan sa atin. Naku, huwag naman sana.

  2. 2 duskfading Huwebes 18 Disyembre 2008 bandang 5:28 hapon

    I wonder if these politicians are aware of the rising statistics of families being broken because the mom and/or dad is/are missing from the lives of children left behind in the Philippines. Indeed it is a cancer, and I should say of a multiple tumor type.
    Joe: Apparently, they don’t give a damn.

  3. 3 daisy Lunes 22 Disyembre 2008 bandang 5:12 hapon

    very amusing 😀 pero, totoo nga naman..the thing about yung mga magagaling e lumilipat ng ibang bansa, i believe one factor hindi lang dahil sa systema ng gobyerna, pero sa hindi kanais-nais na kultura meron ang pinoy..tsk tsk..isa sa pinakasikat –ang crab mentality…naku, experienced and have observed that a couple of times..sabihin na nating mga UNGAS nga ang mga natira, pero, sing-wais namin nila ng AHAS na sariling kapakanan lang ang iniisip.. 😦 sob..sob..sob

    ngunit naisip ko lang naman, kung umiwas man tayo (ehem) o kayong mga henyo sa mga nag-AAHASAN..FOR the MEANTIME, at hayaang mag-self distract ang mga pare-parehong talangka,ahas at silang kahayupan..masarap isipin, na malay natin, sa inyong pagbabalik sa bansang ating mahal, E, BALANG araw, dahil sa equipped with much knowledge…marahil, maari pang magkaroon ng magandang bukas? iyan ay, kung babalik pa kayo?? 😛

    —sabi nga sa awit: “kay tagal mo mang nawala, babalik ka rin..babalik, at babalik…ka rin…..”
    Joe: Marahil ay maraming Filipino ang nais bumalik sa bansa; at isa na ako roon. Pero napakalaking “turn-off” ng pamahalaan natin eh. Naniniwala ako na pamahalaan dapat ang maunang magbago para sumunod ang mga mamamayan…

    Maraming salamat sa pagbisita Daisy! Dalaw ka ulit.

  4. 4 bagongadan Sabado 27 Disyembre 2008 bandang 2:08 hapon

    I am with you 100%, amigo. How about justice sec? I would want to give him a seat in this roster. He’s the most loyal cabinet sec I’ve seen in my entire life. Very loyal, that man.

    Anyhow, I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll.
    Joe: Justice sec deserves the same “praise” hehe… I have added your link to my roll as well. Thanks! Happy new year!

  5. 5 Pedz Miyerkules 7 Enero 2009 bandang 11:31 umaga

    Siguro pareho tayo ng Top 3 pero yung pang 4th ko si Justice Secretary. Remember the Hultman case? Grabe naman na sabihan nya yung victim’s family na pwede sila umapela sa court’s decision through Jesus Christ. Definitely a very sensitive man. Wala ka na tiwala sa governing arm wala ka pa tiwala sa justice arm. It seems, it is every man for himself. Pero I am still hopeful, hindi naman lahat rotten tomatoes. Happy New Year!
    Joe: Uy, pang-2 ka na bumoto sa justice sec… Happy new year din!

  6. 6 jonathan Biyernes 30 Enero 2009 bandang 11:46 umaga

    why do you think he or she is a good leader today?
    what are hid or her strong points or characteristics?
    what are his weak points or characteristics?
    do you think the person or leader you have choosen will be effective for all times and situations?
    why did you choose him or her?

  7. 7 ALEX BAUTISTA Biyernes 10 Hulyo 2009 bandang 9:21 hapon

    la muna, next time na lang, interested lang ako sa mga comments

    Joe: Salamat sa pagdalaw kaibigan.

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