Why did the Philippines not attend the World’s Happiest Party?

The annual Hong Kong Chinese New Year Parade was held on the 26th of January 2009 at Tsim Sha Tsui. Sponsored by Cathay Pacific, the spectacle was dubbed as the “World’s Happiest Party.”worldshappiestpartyThere were local floats and performers but there were foreign participants as well. I saw representatives from Macau, mainland China, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Russia, Latin America and even Africa! However, I was disappointed not to see one from the Philippines. I thought, since the Philippines is in the proximity of Hong Kong, someone from the Department of Tourism (DOT) or the Philippine Consulate would have thought of joining this internationally renowned parade. I bet it’s a good way to promote our country since tourists from all over the world, like the sweet Italian couple to my left, the pretty South Korean ladies to my right, the hyperactive German kids on my front, and the elderly Swiss tour group behind me, witness this parade every year. It is also a chance to somehow change the sterotypical domestic helper image of the Filipino in Hong Kong—not that there is something wrong about being a DH, but not all Filipinos who go here are domestic helpers.

I don’t know the politics and bureaucracy involved in enlisting for this parade and I am not sure if the Philippines has sent representatives in the past but we sure are passing a good opportunity by not ‘partying at the World’s Happiest’.


Here are some of the pictures I took during the parade.




7 Responses to “Why did the Philippines not attend the World’s Happiest Party?”

  1. 1 duskfading Sabado 31 Enero 2009 bandang 1:11 hapon

    To think na napakadaming Pinoy na nandiyan sa HK. Wala man lang tayo representation diyan sa party na yan. Haaay…. tell me what’s new…
    Joe: Oo nga e. Sayang.

  2. 2 foobarph Linggo 1 Pebrero 2009 bandang 12:51 hapon

    siguro hindi tayo happy. ^_^
    Joe: Malamang… 🙂

  3. 3 aLps Lunes 2 Pebrero 2009 bandang 1:01 umaga

    Baka hindi tayo invited? Nyaha
    Joe: Dapat next year, magpaimbita tayo. 🙂

  4. 4 Russell Ri Lunes 2 Pebrero 2009 bandang 10:20 umaga

    Tourism and travel is one industry that the Philippines can compete globally. We do have some of the best natural wonders, adventure activities and personal service you can ever experience.

    However, we do still need a more concerted marketing effort from both the private and public sector. Hopefully, the whole country will be on the same page for this.

    explore. experience. enjoy. Philippines.
    Joe: I agree with you Russell.

  5. 5 nold Sabado 7 Pebrero 2009 bandang 1:39 hapon

    I like the old look,the dark and gloomy site! bring it back! — hehehe…

    mabuhay ka bro!
    Joe: Salamat pre! Pero sorry di ko na ibabalik yung lumang kulay. Talo ka sa botohan e hehe.

  6. 6 nold Sabado 21 Pebrero 2009 bandang 8:47 umaga

    Hey! you never conducted a survey man!

    Off topic, since I noticed that your into photography, no nuthuggin’ here but your pics looks good, could you guide me then on whats the better dslr, the nikon d40 or pentax k100, obviously, my choices are on the entry level – wala kasi ako pambili ng mahal eh, if your not familiar with my two options, kindly make a recommendation my friend.

    Advise from the pro, badly needed!

    Joe: Hi Nold! Sensya na late reply. Nanganak kasi si misis last 17 Feb at 2 linggo ako sa Pilipinas kaya ngayon lang ulit ako nakabukas ng blog ko. Isa na akong ama! Ansaya!

    Tungkol sa tanong mo, palagay ko ayos na ang Nikon D40. Pero maganda rin ang reviews ng Pentax K100. Sa totoo lang e Olympus boy ako pero kung bibili ulit ako ng DSLR e Nikon o Canon ang isusunod ko.

  7. 7 nold Sabado 7 Marso 2009 bandang 3:18 hapon

    Oh my! congratulations mi amigo!sa sobrang excitment mo di mo nabanggit kung boy o girl baby mo. Congratulations again, and thanks for the insight – I’m kinda stuck with my mighty decade old slr and my not so mighty but efficient sony digicam, but I’d be a fool not to take advantage of the advance features of the pricey dslr.
    Joe: Baby girl Nold. Maraming salamat! Balitaan mo ako kapag nakabili ka na dslr.

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