Philhealth or Feel Hell?

philhealthformsThe current Philhealth procedure requiring members to secure proof of contribution from their employers prior to issuance of hospitalization benefits is plain moronic!  Shouldn’t Philhealth, being the authority in this situation, provide the necessary documents to the hospital themselves? Philhealth should be in the position to prove if a member has paid his dues or not. How come members are forced to get the proof of contribution from their respective employers when Philhealth should have a proper database for this purpose? In this high tech age, why can’t Philhealth keep their systems updated real time? Why do we have to suffer all this red tape?

In our case for example, when my wife gave birth by C-section last February, my father-in-law who was our official “runner” had to spend hours on the road and suffer the poor traffic conditions from Pasig to España, where my wife works, just to obtain that blasted piece of paper! We also found out that Philhealth has not posted the latest payment yet so we had to produce the receipt as evidence. When the hospital bill was processed, we were given a measly discount of about Php 7000. I was actually expecting more. Was it worth all that trouble? What a waste of time, cash and energy! Why do I have this feeling that we are not getting our money’s worth from Philhealth?

I found this article in Please click the link below, read through and find out the reason behind the title of this post.

What a scam!


4 Responses to “Philhealth or Feel Hell?”

  1. 1 Jim Miyerkules 1 Abril 2009 bandang 11:49 umaga

    kaya ako tumigil na ako sa pag-contribute sa SSS o PhilHealth. Wala naman patutunguhan eh. Yun na nga lang ginagawa nila, ‘di pa nila ayusin. Kung tayo din lang gagawa ng mga ganyang bagay, mag-private na lang ako o ipunin ko na lang.
    Joe: Marami nga ang Pinoy gaya mo na sawang-sawa na sa kabulukan ng SSS at Philhealth. Ang hirap talaga sa atin!

  2. 2 foobarph Martes 14 Abril 2009 bandang 8:45 umaga

    milk, i also feel the same sentiments with you.

    i hope….. everything will be alright in my part.

    if not…… you ‘may’ see similar post like this from my blog site.

    ahehe. 🙂
    Joe: Ok. Thanks for the visit!

  3. 3 tagamasid Martes 14 Abril 2009 bandang 11:33 umaga

    I didn’t know this, I guess we have to make a new adjustment on our part, we can ask our employer every month for the proof of payment just for us to be ready just in case, hehe.

    Thanks man!
    Joe: Yes, better safe than sorry.

  4. 4 OFW - Singapore Miyerkules 15 Abril 2009 bandang 3:14 hapon

    I use to work as a contractual government employee before I use to work as an OFW (hindi ko na babanggitin yong government agency), I work as System Admin, Tech Support, as in all-around, pero sa sueldong contractual P 6,000/month. I was a nationalistic person believing that I can contribute my talent to my country by being a government employee. I was hoping to be kinda promoted man lang as a regular employee, nag take ng Civil Service exam, both non-prof and prof,did my job well, serve the agency, and specially did not involve in any corruption practices for I have a fear of the Lord.

    Isa lang masasabi ko at ma share kong experience, napaka lupit ng Sistema ng corruption sa ahensya ng ating gobyerno. Hindi nila priority budget sa IT or Innovation, meron man, masabi lang, pa pogi, hiring incompetent people (relatives, friends and ka utangang loob). Uunahin muna mga perks and bonuses, saka na yang Innovation. kawawang Juan Dela Cruz ang nag susuffer.

    In the end, resigned ako, kasi kawawa naman mga anak ko, nagpapa ka Bayani ako para sa Bayan, pero hindi ko na ma provide ang sapat sa Pamilya ko. Iniwan ko na ang mga corrupt kong Government Managers.

    Kawawa naman yong mga ibang government employee na talagang tapat sa tungkulin.

    So asa ka pa sa Gobyerno natin.

    Gagawin ko, as an OFW, ipon ako ng pera, para makapag tayo ako ng Business sa Pilipinas, saka ako mag hihire ng mga Kababayan kong mahihirap at kailangan ng trabaho.
    Joe: Nawa’y matupad mo ang iyong pangarap na makatulong sa ating mga kababayan. Mabuhay ka!

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