1st case of “swine flu” in Hong Kong detected

A 25 year-old male Mexican who flew in via Shanghai from Mexico yesterday and stayed at the Metropark Wanchai Hotel has been transferred to the Princess Margaret Hospital and confirmed to have the A/H1N1 virus. Apparently, the man only started to develop fever and other symptoms indicative of swine flu when he arrived in Hong Kong.

The whole hotel has been quarantined. Government says there is no need to panic but citizens should stay vigilant. As of writing, Secretary for Food and Health York Chow is heading a press conference informing the public of the incident.

Hong Kong flu alert has been raised to “emergency” status.


6 Responses to “1st case of “swine flu” in Hong Kong detected”

  1. 1 Giles Dawe Biyernes 1 Mayo 2009 bandang 11:32 hapon

    This really should of been detected and HK should be ashamed over this…
    Joe: In fairness to the HK government, I think they are better prepared now compared to the last SARS outbreak.

  2. 2 Jim Sabado 2 Mayo 2009 bandang 11:41 umaga

    most of the victims naman ay yung bumisita lang talaga ng Mexico, so, I guess unless there’s somebody who physically [came from] Mexico then we’re pretty much safe as of now. take care na rin Ka Joe. 🙂
    Joe: Oo nga. Salamat Jim! Dyan ba sa inyo wala pa kaso?

  3. 4 How I Lost Lunes 4 Mayo 2009 bandang 11:17 umaga

    Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for sharing. I will definitely be coming back to your posts.

  4. 5 foobarph Biyernes 8 Mayo 2009 bandang 10:55 umaga

    bakit kasi hindi muna i quarantine ang buong mexico? hahay

    Joe: Magandang suhestiyon. Pero malabo yata yan. Kawawa rin naman ang mga Mexicano. 🙂

  5. 6 taroogs Biyernes 8 Mayo 2009 bandang 5:30 hapon

    what’s impressive is how the HK government imposed it’s will on the hotel management and guests, keeping them indoors for the prescribed period. i just don’t see that happening in the philippines where everyone and anyone who thinks they’re someone demands special treatment all the time 😦

    Joe: They learned from SARS a couple of years ago. An outbreak that the Philippines was able to keep at bay in fairness to the DOH. Probably, given the circumstances, the DOH would be able to deliver again if necessary.

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