A Milking-The-Cash-Cow Crisis!

I am currently processing my Hong Kong exit papers. I am returning home to take a new job opportunity and to be with my wife and 3-month old angel. Nothing is sweeter… 

So what crisis am I talking about then? Well, if I will be working in the Philippines again, that means my “cash cow” days are over. I am an Overseas Filipino Worker no more! How can I keep an OFW blog if I am no longer an OFW? Should I stop posting and quit? Should I reformat? Should I create a new blog? Will I have extra time for blogging?

…the decision will have to be made once I get home. I would need to readjust first… It’s a wait-and-see at this point…


6 Responses to “A Milking-The-Cash-Cow Crisis!”

  1. 1 taroogs Biyernes 22 Mayo 2009 bandang 5:49 hapon

    may lusot pa rin, kapatid… instead of calling your blog “cash cow”, call it “mad cow” na lang — tutal babalik ka na kamo sa nakababaliw nating beloved bansa 🙂

    have a safe trip and a happy homecoming, kabayan!

    Joe: Hmmmm. Baka pwede! hehe. Salamat po!

  2. 2 el tiburon Linggo 21 Hunyo 2009 bandang 1:27 umaga

    Good luck to you kaibigang cash cow.Nothing is better than being with your family.
    God bless you.

    Joe: Hi! Maraming salamat po kaibigan!

  3. 3 nold Miyerkules 1 Hulyo 2009 bandang 10:35 umaga

    You have to continue fighting for the ofw, that way you’ll continue to be an ofw even if technically your not. its all in the mind.

    Joe: You are right Nold.

  4. 4 tanglad Huwebes 2 Hulyo 2009 bandang 12:15 hapon

    The struggles are interrelated, kasama. You can transition easily, I think. Hope you keep writing. Best wishes to you and your family

    Joe: Maraming salamat po! I really miss blogging.

  5. 5 nold Huwebes 6 Agosto 2009 bandang 2:32 umaga

    i haven’t seen recent post here, where are you mister? 🙂

    dont tell me this great blog has ceased to exist!

    ingat parati pare,


    Joe: Dito pa rin Pinas. Toxic pa. Musta dyan?

  6. 6 candice Biyernes 16 Oktubre 2009 bandang 7:32 hapon

    hope your new job here in our homeland has been good to you and that you have been enjoying your little angel.

    your cash cow days though may not be over…you can still earn good income from abroad and in ‘pinas even if you are based here. i’m not talking about outsourcing. my suggestion is legal and not a scam … in case you are wondering :-)…you still need to work hard to earn your money but if done right, you don’t need to work hard long so you can just enjoy your family and your hobby/ies. if interested to learn more about this opportunity, email me.

    Joe: Hi! Thanks for droppin by.

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...sapagkat ang gobyerno natin ay may "cash cow mentality" pagdating sa mga Overseas Filipino Workers.

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